Seven Better Ways to Answer "What Do You Do?"

Last week, I went to a Digital LA event.  Their events draw a unique mix of professionals from start-ups, fashion, entertainment, tech, science, real estate, investment, PR and recruiting.  And also the inevitable question about what you do for work.

This Muse article talks about seven different ways to answer "What do you do?"  The only thing worth adding is to mix it up.  Be flexible depending on your audience.  The less bored you are with your own answer, the more personal, real, and authentic the conversation.

(1) Talk about your value.  How do you help people?

(2) Tell a story or anecdote about your job.  Get away from the job title and into an example of what you do.

(3) Make it a teachable moment.  Give them some insight into your job industry.

(4) Be open.  Get a little personal about your story.  Let them behind the curtain.

(5) Answer relevant to your audience.  Think about how your work connects to them.

(6) Be enthusiastic.  Be passionate and excited about what you are talking about.

(7) Be honest about what you are good at.  Speak frankly about what you have to offer.

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