Career coaching & recruiting
for attorneys and law firms


Transitioning to a different firm, company or agency.

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Would your skillset be better utilized in a different practice area? Were you recently laid off? Are you looking to go in house? Are you moving to a new city?


Building your legal practice.

 Do you want to build your book of business? Ready to hang your shingle? Want to be a more effective leader and communicator? Looking for clarity in your business plan? Do you want to be a more effective, efficient, and authentic attorney?


Pursuing an alternative legal career.

Is the practice of law no longer fulfilling? Are you burned out? Do you long for more passion in your career? Do you dream about doing something with your JD? Are you wondering what options are available? Do you want support to successfully transition out of practicing law?


Adding the right talent to your firm.

Do you want to enjoy the hiring experience? Do you need help matching your firm needs with the right candidate? Do employees keep leaving and you aren't sure why? With a thorough consultation, Brooke is able to clarify your firm's brand and identify talented attorneys that will thrive in your firm culture. 



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