One-on-One Coaching Packages

Welcome!  I am excited to work with highly motivated individuals ready to take control of their career and legacy and embrace a stronger sense of purpose.  This is an important point of pivot in your life. My commitment is to support you as you develop your own definition of success and attain it.

Complimentary Session

Please email me to arrange a twenty minute phone call to discuss your professional goals and get to know one another. This is an opportunity to talk about your reasons for seeking coaching and the desired results.

Introductory Package

During the two-hour Initial In Person Session, we get curious about you. This may include exercises and personality assessments like the MBTI to better understand your gifts and values. By uncovering your natural strengths and abilities, we design a realistic plan specific to your needs and aspirations. 

In the following six weeks, we work towards your goals over three fifty minute phone sessions. We perfect your pitch, resume and cover letters and consult regarding LinkedIn. Unlimited email support is available to you. Whether external or internal, we bust through the roadblocks and start achieving results.

Additional Packages

Continued support is available to support you as you step into your purpose and achieve your goals. These monthly packages include networking support, job interview consultation, salary negotiation, and unlimited email support.


Recruiting Services

Thank you for your interest in working together.  Whether hiring for a boutique firm or The Am Law 100, I work with firm leaders to help bring clarity to the firm’s brand, culture and specific hiring needs.  Together, we motivate attorneys through mentorship to build mastery, bring purpose and meaning to attorneys’ work, structure incentives to encourage retention, and build trust and creativity in a workplace that fosters freedom and autonomy. I advise regarding Millenials, best practices for hiring and on-boarding, and make recommendations regarding benefits and compensation structure. My services may also include tapping my network of thousands of qualified attorneys to efficiently find the right attorney for the position. 

For exclusive recruiting services, I offer a monthly flat fee.  Please contact me to arrange a consultation.

(via phone Skype or email)


Myers Briggs Consultation

MBTI workshops and individual sessions are customized to assist in the professional development of your team.  Reports are available that focus on personality, career development, leadership style, communication, and team building.  MBTI Workshop options vary based on the length - 2 hour or 4 hour - and the number of participants per session.  Building the workshops around teammates who frequently work together (1) identifies team members strengths and their unique contributions to the team, (2) improves communication and mutual respect, and (3) allows for hands on interactive experiences to understand their own and other types.  Individual one hour MBTI consultations are available in-person or Skype.  Please contact me to discuss the Myers Briggs option that will work best for your company.