Passion + Skills + Marketability = Dream Job

Are you having trouble identifying your dream job? 

There are three basic building blocks.  When they overlap they help you find your calling.

(1) Passion:  What motivates you?  What inspires you?  What gives life meaning?

(2) Skills:  What are your talents?  What are you "the best" at?  

(3) Marketability:  Where is there a market need?  What will people pay for?

For a fantastic diagram, see this article.  

These three pieces of the pie are dynamic and springboard off each other.  Let's say your passion is traveling.  But you want to make it more than a passion.  To turn it into a skill, look for overlap.  For example, learning Spanish is a skill that enriches and reinforces this passion.  Social media is a great way to test the market for your skill and passion.  Youtube, Facebook and revenue generators like Kickstarter are good platforms to test the popularity of your service.  For example, here is an article about how to make travel blogging into a career.

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