Three Ways to Conduct an Out-of-Town Legal Job Search Using LinkedIn

It is challenging to start the job search in a different town, especially in a tight job market.  How do you easily connect with new colleagues in a different city?

LinkedIn makes it easy to identify alumni and other key contacts that practice where you want to move: 

(1) First use the search box to conduct a search for key words such as attorney or a particular practice area.  Then filter results by 1st and 2nd degree connections, and location.  Be sure you are connected with everyone you know in the destination city.  

(2) The alumni search function is also helpful.  Under Connections, click “Find Alumni”.  Then filter the search results by location, employer, and occupation.  There is also a “Change School” button to search for connections from undergrad.  If you find an alumni that you don’t know, check if you share any mutual connections, such as a friend or a professor. 

(3) Join groups in your target city such as the local bar associations and groups related to your specialty, background, and interests.  This demonstrates a commitment to engaging with the new city.  You will be kept abreast of upcoming events and hot topics in your new city.  And it provides exposure to local attorney's comments, blogs, and interests so you can begin finding new colleagues and friends.

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