Why Your Career Should Always Be a Case of First Impression

Attorneys value the tried and true.  By nature, the profession does not rely on the unknown.  Attorneys trust precedent.

Unfortunately, this is a disasterous habit in thinking about your career.  Whether you like it or not, your career will never be stagnant.  It will change and grow.  But a well-trained lawyer mind gets nervous at that uncertainty.  The next new move is exciting and different.  Just the opposite of what has always been done.

Experimental mind muscle building is required. 

Here are some tips:

(1) TRY SOMETHING NEW: It doesn’t even have to be something related to your career.  Just get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Affirm that you will never stop learning.  Be willing to be a beginner.  What have you always wanted to do that you think “Oh I am too old to learn that?”  What scares and excites you to learn at the same time?  What are you always reading about that you have been dying to try?  Why not take that new route to work?

(2) TAKE SMALL STEPS: Look at the big picture of what you want.  Then break it down.  Think of one or two ways that you can start towards that goal right now.  What organizations are involved?  Who would be helpful to meet?  If you always wanted to be an entertainment labor lawyer, check your local bar association for a SAG-AFTRA CLE.  If you always were interested in estate planning, reach out to your corporations professor who previously practiced estate planning.

(3) CHANGE IT UP: If you usually make snap decisions, take your time.  If you prefer to keep your options open, trust yourself and go with your gut.  Only when you are outside your comfort zone do you allow yourself to grow.  Try changing your attitude, perspective or even your style.  Accept that invitation you usually ignore.  Shake it up.  You make it happen.  Now you have something to talk about at those networking events.

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