LA Talk Radio - Get Yourself the Job

Know Thyself

  • Take assessments, like the MBTI, Strengthsfinders, and DISC to be confident in your career direction.

The Power of Visualization

  • You create your reality. If you can see it on the screen of your mind, you can make it happen.

  • Write it down! Then speak it out loud.

There is a Way Through Every Block

  • Examine your thinking for self-limiting beliefs. How are you holding yourself back by your thinking?

  • Work with a coach to give you a new attitude and perspective.

Lawpreneur Podcast

Fail Fast to Succeed Faster

  • Find mentors that are good at what you need help on.

  • Early on, Brooke realized that she needed assistance with marketing and social media so she identified those that were successful and contacted them for advice.

Tell Us Something Good

  • Doing a job right and making the client happy is a great reward.

  • Take it one step further, and do more than expected.

  • Follow up is key to establish relationships with the people she served.

What's on Your Desk?

  • Building alliances and developing opportunities for collaboration.

  • Working with clients to establish a clear and specific goal, then plan and execute.