What My Dog Taught Me About Networking

I lived in my neighborhood for nine years knowing a handful of neighbors.  Then I got a dog.  

Much like joining a gym, there is an exercise commitment.  But little did I know I just joined a club and was bound to meet new people.  All of a sudden because our dogs decide to stop, sniff and walk the circle, we have a conversation while doing a leash exchange that looks like a 18th century dance move.  New friends started popping up all over the place! 

Dogs live in the present moment.  They are curious about their surroundings.  And when you are walking with your dog in that moment, the world comes alive.  Everything is a little more friendly with a furry ice breaker.

What My Dog Taught Me About Networking is a great article about why having a dog takes the sting out of networking and how these everyday interactions can broaden your connections.