Want a New Career? Go on Vacation!

Are you bored in your job?  Do you live for the weekend and continue to dread Mondays?   Are you ready for a shift but feel stuck?

Habit, getting too comfortable, and fear of the unknown can paralyze us in our current situation.  Even if we want change, sometimes it is hard to get started.

There is an interesting correlation that I have noticed with clients as they are making successful career transitions. 

Either just before or congruently as they transition, they shift something else in their life.  And often it is something big, like getting engaged, moving houses or traveling abroad.

In each of these situations, you change your perspective.   You literally shake yourself out of your old mode of thinking.  And see things from a new place.

This is why when I start working with new clients, I encourage them to change up something else in their life.  This could be taking the improv class you have always had your eye on, joining that biking club, or yes even going for a vacation.  The more you alter your routine, the easier it is to see new possibilities and get out of the rut.  

So don't wait.  If you are ready for a change, schedule that vacation!  It may well give you the jump-start you need to make the shift.