The Only Job With An Industry Designed to Help You Quit

For such an esteemed profession, it is somewhat surprising that at least half of lawyers are unhappy in their job.  Sure the paycheck is nice, and your brain gets a good work out, but the stress can take its toll.  Maybe you haven't spent quality time with your kids in a month, or you have this hanging feeling that you could do more to seize the day, use your gifts and passions and feel more emotionally rewarded.  Perhaps you have a great idea for a business, but don't know where to start.  Or you want a new career and need help marketing yourself to employers.

The legal profession seems to be the only career path with an industry designed to help you quit. This article highlights some of the reasons lawyers use coaching in transitioning firms, practice areas or out of the law.  Coaches assist with every aspect from identifying your next career direction, to forging introductions in a new field, to giving you strategies and advice for a successful transition.  They provide you with the job search tools to make your transition efficient and effective.  Moreover, there is a priceless and intangible asset to a good coach:  their infectious enthusiasm in you and your success.  There is a way through every roadblock, and once you believe it is possible with a good coach on your side, there is no stopping you!